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Objective Objectives Skills

I make sure the link to learning objectives is clear when assigning activities, tasks, and assessments.

Tasks are directly related to the knowledge and skills presented in a course. You can differentiate by letting students choose tasks that accomplish course objectives based on their individual needs, experience, or even situation, such as their internship, for example.

Link tasks to lesson objectives as well as the overarching course objectives. Create assignments that increase in complexity over time to help students progress from simple objectives towards higher-level objectives.



Step by Step

Backward Planning for Clear Objectives

Course Level Objectives

Begin by looking at course-level objectives. How will they be assessed at the end of the course? What do you need to practice during the course to develop those skills or knowledge?

Breakdown into Lessons

Then breakdown your course into lessons. What are the objectives for each lesson? Do they all build towards the end goals? What tasks and activities can you add that practice those lesson objectives? Be ready to explain to students how content and activities help move them towards the course goals.

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