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I communicate expectations consistently and in a clear manner.

You and your team work towards the same goals and expectations for your students. You have clear guidelines and consequences that are SMART. Students always understand how they should complete tasks. Students also know where to go for help and have support, like rubrics and feedback, to improve their work.

Add descriptions to content and tasks so that students understand the what, where, and when of the material.

Be aware that descriptions do not yet appear in the Brightspace app. We do not recommend using the Brightspace Pulse app.

Step by step

Clarity in Brightspace

Afbeelding van het tekstvak voor beschrijvingen bij modules

Descriptions in Modules

Use the description functions to explain expectations and the corresponding learning objectives.

Tekstvak van beschrijvingen bij leerobjecten

Bulk edit to add descriptions per learning objectives

Click on ‘Bulk Edit’ under ‘Content’ to quickly add learning objectives to documents and activities in Brightspace.

In addition to including instructions, you can use descriptions to add structure by linking to specific lessons. For example, “Read this document to prepare for class on [insert date].”


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