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When I use materials or examples, I include a range of ethnicities, genders, and perspectives.

You are aware of differences and you acknowledge and appreciate diversity. This is reflected in your course material and in your interactions with students and helps create a supportive and safe learning environment. Making sure every student feels welcome and connected has positive effects on academic achievement.

Tips for a diverse DLE

Tips & Tricks


Discuss with your students

Get to know your students and try to understand the factors that will lead your students to success.

Evaluations, internship mentoring, and activating prior knowledge are just a few techniques for support that are easily organized in Brightspace.

  • Create a Qualtrics survey during your course to check in on students
  • Engage students before class with video clips or an Interactive Video
Decoratief: verschillende kleuren koffiekopjes

Make an inventory of diversity in your DLE

Reflect on your course and the diversity of your resources. Is there a range of experiences present that all students can identify with? Are all of the material accessible? Do you create space and attention for multiple perspectives in student work?

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