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I include feedback in content and activities. This helps me and my students assess progress.

Built-in feedback gives students insight into their learning process. You can easily automate feedback in Brightspace by inserting it into videos, documents, and quizzes, meaning all students in all of your courses, current and future, get the same consistent feedback. Use the FeedbackFruit tools for Interactive Videos or Interactive Documents to give students opportunities to check their understanding. You can also use Release Conditions to automate access to feedback as well.

Built-in feedback in the DLE

Per tool


Quizzes and self-assessment

In Brightspace Quizzes you can include hints during a quiz and feedback can be set to appear via Submission View settings so that students see the question, their answer, and your feedback. For example, this is where you can instruct the student to review a certain chapter or document or simply give a summary of the rule or theory.

You can also set a quiz to be a formative self-assessment activity without a grade so that the students can assess their progress.

Interactive Study Materials onder 'Existing Activities' in Brightspace


You can insert feedback in each of the FeedbackFruits activities. You can add guiding questions or lower-order comprehension questions. Either way, the student becomes more active in the process and has an opportunity to engage with the content. Finally, adding a reflection question can increase students’ awareness of their progress and how much they understood.

Tekstvak van beschrijvingen bij leerobjecten

Release Conditions

In several places in Brightspace you can see the possibility to set ‘Restrictions’ or ‘Release Conditions’ on items to change when items are accessible or open. This can be useful for announcements or content. For example, all students who took a certain quiz may need a certain announcement about what to do next, or you could make sure students only move to the next chapter after they have completed the previous chapter or a certain activity, such as a post in the discussion forum.

You can also add ‘Awards’ to restrictions to further motivate or challenge students. Awards could include fun videos or extra hints.

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