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As a team, we chose a clear structure to organize the content within our courses.

Make sure each course has the same structure so that all users, teachers and students, can easily access the content. Courses can have a pre-, during, and after section for each lesson guiding students through each week, or sections can be created for each theme or topic, allowing students to move through the content at their own pace. Think about how students will access information like module guides, content, activities, and assignments and use the same layout across courses.

You can create the different folders, or modules, under the Content tab. Consider having a general tab as well, to introduce the course and for documents such as the module guide.

Make sure to make the titles of the modules clear and meaningful to make finding information easy.



Decide as a team

Discuss the options for a structure:

  • Do you work with ‘workshops,’ ‘weeks’, or ‘units’? Use the same titles online.
  • Think about where you will post the different types of content such as activities, exercises, articles, and PowerPoints. Should they be organized by week or by content type?
  • Use the same structure across courses. If the structure varies, make sure to point that out to students.
  • Get feedback from coworkers and students and modify as necessary for future courses.
Voorbeeld standaard inrichting course

Example with time and topic.

Example with topic and dates.

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