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Course objectives, activities, and assessments are consistent with the course catalog and the education and exam board regulations.

Clarify short and long term goals for students to help them see their learning path. Tie learning goals to the real world and future professional expectations. Create the context for learning by linking content, activities, learning goals, and professional goals. Creating the big picture for students can help them assess their own progress.


Tips & tricks


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Activating prior knowledge

Activate prior knowledge by linking goals with previous units or material and highlighting the progress students have already made. Explain how course goals link to their professional goals.


Make time to reflect

Create a discussion forum to let students reflect on their personal goals as well as their progress in the course. Pose questions that have them reflect on how the skills they are currently developing will be applicable in the future.

For personal relfections, you can use ‘single-user groups’ so that each student has their own discussion forum. Make it a space where they can reflect at several points during the course. Make sure to guide students and to comment on their ideas and perspectives. You can also use this insight to create or modify content or lessons to better meet your students’ goals or experiences.

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