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Organise Quick Win

I am clear about which activities students are expected to do. These activities are labeled with instructions and timelines.

Via ‘Add Existing Activities’ you can link to activities, assignments, quizzes and discussion forums from the content pages. Based on your department’s course structure, you can structure your content week by week or by topic. In one folder students can access reading material, multimedia files, and activities like quizzes and discussions.

After adding activities to a content page, click on “Add description” and “Add dates” on to insert instructions as well as start and end dates.

Release conditions mean you can make activities and content available based on the student having met certain conditions, such as completing a quiz or visiting a content page.

Add existing activity

add existing activity

  1. You have already created the activity (quiz, survey, assignment, etc).
  2. Via the menu in the left navigation panel go to the page on which you want to place the activity.
  3. Click on ‘existing activity’ and select the type of activity. Then you will be able to select from your created activities and add the quick link to the page.
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