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Sustainable Practice
Copying Embed Version Management

I provide links to material to prevent multiple copies.

Reducing the number of copies of files uses less drive space and facilitates updating and correcting the files.

If possible, house your materials in a common repository that manages automatic updates and makes it easy to share files between users.

Step by step

Organizing files

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As an individual teacher or as a team, keep recordings of instruction, including online courses, in one location and then share files and fragments of files from that location.

The AUAS uses HvA webcolleges for storing recorded classes. Discuss with your faculty administrator before including other instructional clips.

In some cases, you or your department may want to create a Youtube or Vimeo channel for your video files to be able to share with a wider audience.

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See instructions for video files.

Soundcloud for audio recordings is an alternative to video lectures or files.


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Topics / Modules in Brightspace

You can save a course or a part of a course in the Brightspace Learning Object Repository (LOR).

Discuss options for best practices with your department’s IT&Education staff.

Reusing Video CLips

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