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Whenever possible, I reuse material from others and I look for open educational resources.

Sharing and using material, such as Open Educational Resources (OER), is highly recommend by the AUAS and SURF. Sharing and reusing materials ensures you get the most out of the resources and can be a time saver. Instead of recording videos, you can use your time for contact moments with students or developing other resources. Also, OER don’t cost money, which means cost savings for students and institutions.

Step by Step

Beginning with Open Resources


Discuss with your team

As a team, decide on a core list of mandatory literature for your students and do some internet research to find open sources that meet your department’s needs. Simply search “open educational resources” to get started or contact your media specialist.

Consider setting goals such as using a minimum percentage of open resources.


Use Institutional Resources

The AUAS media center can help you find the resources you need.

In addition, check for resources from colleagues in other departments or at other higher learning institutions.

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