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What is the quality scan?

This website allows teachers to quickly and efficiently reflect on their online teaching. The platform is Next Level Learning and the quality scan is a tool to rate topics. You can select the topics that you are interested in learning more about and they will be collected on the “Your Selections” page.

Let's begin with the Digital Learning Environment

In the academic year 2019-2020, AUAS launched a digital learning environment with Brightspace at its core and a variety of supporting tools and programs. This shift required moving content and resources from MijnHvA to Brightspace courses.

AUAS is dedicated to continued improvement and sees opportunity in the many tools and options available via digital programs and tools. Departments, teams, and teachers can make use of a variety of digital tools to make teaching and learning both more effective and efficient.

Why use Next Level Learning?

The Next Level Learning Quality Scan is a tool to help teachers and teams improve their courses and their practice. The idea is not to completely revamp courses or lessons, but to be inspired and to have the tools to make small changes that add up over time. Together, we can work towards better education and develop our own skills, step by step.

Next Level Learning is designed to help you start that process. With your co-teachers or team, choose a course and apply the ideas presented in the quality scan to the course. If a topic does not apply to the course in mind, skip it by clicking on “I’ll skip this for now.” At the end of the scan, you will see the list of topics that you selected. For each of your chosen topics, there are examples, tips, and instructions to help you modify your course.

Don’t forget to discuss options and decisions with your team and to consult your IT&Education team to further develop these points.

Our Story

In 2019, Jan-Willem attended the Brightspace Conference, Fusion. After seeing a variety of rubrics and tools for ensuring continued improvement at higher education institutions, he was inspired to create just such a tool to contribute to the work of the IT&Education team from the Faculty of Education around improving teaching and learning at AUAS.

And so, with the support of the DLE Innovation Partners, a team was put together and the project started.

The Next Level Learning scan is a tool filled with tips and information about using tools so that you can accomplish what you want to accomplish in your courses. It is not an assessment tool, but a support tool to help you make your courses better for you and your students, at your pace.

The Next Level Learning Team

We are

  • Jan-Willem Doornenbal (IT&Education Specialist at the Faculty of Education)
  • Joost Noordeloos (IT&Education Specialist at the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition and DLE Innovation Partner)
  • Kristin Webb (Teacher Educator at the Faculty of Education and DLE Innovation Partner)
  • Peter Dekker (AUAS Academy Trainer and DLE Innovation Partner)

We would like to thank

  • Aart Schouten (DLE Innovation Partner Sponsor)
  • Lifely (website developer)

Contribute and Contact

We want to continue to grow together! Please contact us with feedback, suggestions for links, topics, or tools,  and of course with your own examples!

If applicable, please indicate the specific pages associated with your comment.

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