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Accessibility Accessibility Audio Videos

I add transcripts to recorded material.

Not only do transcripts ensure accessibility for students with a hearing impairment, but it can also serve as a visual and text-based scaffold for all students.

Stichting Accessibility (see link under Step by Step Sharing Videos) also suggests that audio files that describe images are also included.

Step by Step

Online videos in Brightspace

Man met gesloten ogen voor microfoon

Checking audio descriptions

Close your eyes and listen to the video. Is the relevant information presented clearly? Also consider actions, body language, and text or images that appear in the video. Whatever is not clear can be supplemented with the addition of descriptive audio clips.

Jongen die zijn handen voor zijn oren houdt

Checking subtitles and transcripts

Turn off the sound and watch the video. Is all the relevant information clear and meaningful? Take into consideration sound effects or individual affects. Anything that is missing or impeding comprehension can be added to the subtitles or transcripts.

Accessibility and Videos

Making Accessible Videos

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