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Accessibility Teacher feedback

I give clear and actionable feedback in a variety of modes to support my students.

Feedback is an important part of the learning process. So that students can understand and apply feedback, it is important that it is meaningful, concrete, and specific. This includes explaining why modifications or additions are needed, how to achieve those changes, and to what criteria the changes are related. In this way students can reflect on their process and product. When giving feedback, keep the tone positive and respectful and make sure to take into account the student’s personal circumstances, such as learning disabilities.

Also see: Brookhart, S. M. (2017). How to give effective feedback to your students. ASCD.


Icoontjes van vormen feedback, namelijk gesproken, geschreven, opgenomen, groepsfeedback

Choose a form

Within Brightspace you can make notes on documents submitted by students or attach audio or video clips.


Keep student need in mind

Consider any disabilities or learning difficulties and provide the best mode for the student. In some cases, online courses can be very text-heavy, so try to vary that by also using audio or video clips. This add a personal touch that the students also appreciate.

Samen werken en delen

Engage the student

Show the student what was done well and where improvements can be made. Then ask the student to reflect or formulate their own next steps.

Adding Audio or Video Feedback to Assignments

Audio or Video Feedback

Audio or Video Feedback

When students submit work via Assignments in Brightspace, you can add a rubric, notes on their document, and audio or video feedback. Click on Record Audio or Record Video under the feedback box on their submission page to easily record a short, personalized message.

More Feedback Ideas

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